Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Managing is Playing Chess, not Checkers

Found the following piece on the net on managing people.

Managing is Chess, not Checkers
by Marcus Buckingham

“The best managers share one talent the ability to find, and then capitalize upon, their employees’ unique traits. ‘The guiding principle is, ‘How can I take this person’s talent and turn it into performance?’ That’s the only way success is possible.’ And yet not everyone has that knack, Buckingham said. If he has learned anything from his years spent interviewing the best minds of the business world, it is this: Truly great managers, and truly inspiring business leaders, are rarer than many think...How to tell a good manager from a bad manager? According to Buckingham, it’s simple: Bad managers play checkers. Good managers play chess. The good manager knows that not all employees work the same way. They know if they are to achieve success, they must put their employees in a position where they will be able to use their strengths. ‘Great managers know they don’t have 10 salespeople working for them. They know they have 10 individuals working for them…A great manager is brilliant at spotting the unique differences that separate each person and then capitalizing on them.’”

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Nirav said...

Nice post.

Marcus Buckingham has also written a book titled 'First break all the Rules', on the same issue - what makes good managers good.

By the way, ever noticed that most people today in various companies are not really managers... just administrators. They are there to do work (not perform, mind you!), and carry out their tasks, in accordance with company policies.

PS: Whatever you do, I am not calling you 'Neo' :p