Monday, June 12, 2006


Want to let ull know about this interesting site which I have been using for almost a year.

its known as FutureMe...URL

The function of this site is quite simple. It lets you write emails into the Future!!!!!!!

Amazed!!!!!! Let me explain. You need to create an account with an email id. Then just write an email to a future date and it will be delivered to your email id on that future date.

Best to write your one year goals and then actually see how much have you achieved.

One more way I use this service is write a mail when I am too anxious/worried about a particular thing. It kinda relaxes you and infact when you get the mail after months/year(s), you will be amazed at the kind of worry you had for such a trivial thing.

Worth trying...take my word for it!!!!!!!!!!!

futuristic ;)

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