Monday, June 26, 2006

Krissh Review

I am a big fan of Hritik and eagerly wait for his movies especially after the kind of work he's done in Lakshya.So how did i find the movie? Does it live up to expectations? Well the answer is two fold.

Firstly, Hritik is just amazing, be it his histrionics or his screen presence or his perfectly sculpted body. Hritik dons the role of a super hero and makes you believe that he truly is one. The perfect display of emotions and the restrained mode of acting which is essential when you would be playing a super hero.

Now about the film - really appreciate the efforts and guts of Rakesh Roshan on attempting to make a super hero movie which is still an area dominated by the Hollywood.

Let me first talk about the good things. The movie quiet gels with its prequel - "Koi Mil Gaya”, which I thought would be difficult to achieve. The SFX are also above the pathetic standards set by Indian film industry (barring the climax which I thought was inspired, for a change, not from a Hollywood movie but a Rajnikant starrer.)

Now about the minuses - Rakesh Roshan tries to make a futuristic film but sticks to the old treatment method. You can’t move in to the future carrying your past.

Also there are some really glaring bloopers which should have been taken care of.Hritik's age is supposed to be 19-20 yrs old which is really not believable. Secondly, there is this future-telling computer which is constructed by Krissh's father (Rohit - the main lead in Koi Mil Gaya") and which can be unlocked by a password consisting of his heartbeats and eye retina. On knowing the cruel intentions of Dr.Arya (Nasseruddin Shah), he destroys the machine. Now, Dr.Arya has to again build the machine from scratch referring to the technical notes of Rohit. Dr.Arya puts Rohit in an eJail (some stupid electronic-laser- machine kind of jail) and keeps him alive just because his eyes and heartbeats are the key to the machine. Now I fail to understand that when you make a new machine, how can the passwords be same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Indian Filmmakers get confused between fantasy and fiction. They make fantasy in the name of fiction. I must say that fiction is more difficult than a factual representation. Cause fact is a fact no matter whosoever disagrees but to make fiction believable you need to have strong convincing story. To make fiction believable is the most difficult part of any fiction/sci-fi movie.

The move is positive and the first few steps in this direction will have its teething problems but am sure, Indian filmmakers will make excellent sci-fi movies in near future.

As of now, Hritik makes Krissh work.


Anonymous said...

Nice review!!!!

Anonymous said...

your review is really good. One thing for sure that Indian filmmakers
now experimenting with storyline be it Black/Lakshya/Iqbal and people
luv to saw that kind of movies So we are maturing.Now only ekta kappor
and all politicians require to become mature

Mihir said...

Montu...the vocabulary is good...and criticism well is comparable
with some of the times reviews in terms of feedback about the movie

- Mihir

Navin Dhanuka said...

Indians are apes, they keep aping. With Krissh, they just proved that again.

If not apes then Indians are definately
Copycats / Stealers / Burglars or shall we say unstoppable at taking inspiration.

And at the last like every other born Indian (can't help at this) even I would say, that I am proud that Bollywood(Indian Hindi Film Industry) is the largest film industry in the world.

The story lines, soundtracks and stunts and special fx and even promoting styles are copied (prefer 2 say stolen) from industries around the world.

Anonymous said...

"Now only ekta kapoor and all politicians require to become mature" --- very well said !