Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Back to the Past

HI guys,

I am back from my trip to gujarat. And what a great trip it was. Let me first begin with the daily doings on the trip

Sun : I started off in afternoon on sayaji express. I didnt had a reservation so traveled general coach. Man, it was so crowded and full of noise and top of it sweltering heat. but I really enjoyed the travel. The train was late and I reached Baroda at around 11 pm. Greeted every one and had dinner.

Mon: Actually we had plans to go to mt. abu . so talks were on for that. After noon was chit chatting wid paragi and chintan as he came home late afternoon. Evening time was food time, I and chintan went to the famous "Lala Kakas" bhajia outlet . He dishes out some really good bhajiyas . and of course the ubiquitous "Dabeli".

Tues : Talks were on for Mt. abu.I and chintan decided that we would go on our own. But then we decided that the nest day we will head off to pavaghad. On tues night we went for " Kathiawadi " food on the highway. It was really good the taste and the menu was amazingly delicious and simple. We ate rotla,orra, potato sbji with garlic ,kichdi and more. It was jus amazing.

Wed: We went to pavaghad on scooter. Its a one to one and half hour drive from our place. We started early moring and so enjoyed the trip. on reaching there we climbed the hill for the temple and went then sat on a ridge with cool breeze flowing through our hair. Evening was chilling out with mantra Kumar and paragi.

Thur : The surprise element of the trip for ull. We cancelled the mount abe trip and decided we would go to petlad and nadiad to have alook at the houses which our parents spent their childhood days. I wanted to visit these places long time and then I tought that mt abu for 2 days is not sounding good. So I asked chintan if we can go to these places and he readily agreed. So we started at 11 in the morin ..travellin true ST style. Believe me if u want to have the essence of India,u should travel second class,unreserved and by ST buses. I could feel the pulse of India. There's so much to do and ya much have been done. we reached petlad and there we saw our dadas shop and then moved to our ancestral home. Its in ruins but still reminds you of the days we spent there. We clicked lotsa snaps and spent around 1.5 hrs there. From there we moved on to nadiad. We visited the santram mandir and then went to see moms house. Her house is now completely new and actually I dont recall visiting that place so didnt relate much. We then went to gadbaddas shop to buy chavana and headed off to Baroda. We reached home at 9 pm. It was a good nostalsic trip.

Fri : I and paragi with mantra boarded a bus to a'bad. We reached a'bad at 7 . Greeted every one...met our new bhabhi: hetal. She is a fine and loving bhabhi. At nite we went to sudha fois place.

Sat : At around 4 we went to pinkis place.( I always wanted to visist her ) and in the eve we went to jus roam around .

Sun : We went to maudi where there is a jain temple and then went to akshardham. but we started late and thus had less time for akshardham and so didnt saw it completely . we boarded a 7 o clock bus to Baroda as I had a ticket from Baroda to bombay on monday 9.

Mon: Reached home sweet home.


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