Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The broken Window…We can mend it.

Let’s start from the point where I left. We can, by a conscious effort, contribute towards sociable society. It’s not only by dumping garbage in bins and respecting public places but by thinking innovatively and most important from others’ perspective. Some background before I share my anecdote.

My previous office was at the top floor (6th floor) and situated in those classy archaic buildings of the pre independence era. Due to this, the lifts are old and quite slow as compared to the latest high-speed lifts. It takes some time for you to reach the top floor as well as to come down. In the morning rush hour, when most of the times I am late to the office, I have to spent 5 more minutes for the lift to arrive and then some more time to go up. Also due to the slow speed and the limited carrying capacity of the lifts, there is quite a queue in the morning to go to the floors.

One fine day, I entered the lift and pushed the 6th floor button. As soon as the lift left the ground floor, an elderly looking man came forward and pushed the ground floor button. I looked at him inquisitively and he was ready to explain. He reasoned that after reaching the top floor, the lift will go straight down to the ground floor. Otherwise, the lift would have remained at the same floor and will only move if somebody calls for it. His simple logic was that, in morning the traffic is upwards – people need to go to their office floors; the lift will be directed straight to the ground floor once it reaches the top floor. This will eliminate the waiting time for the lift at the ground floor – howsoever small.

He said that this is one of the small way in which we can give back to the society and indirectly help others. His idea might not sound great but his intentions were. Intentions which were pure and didn’t demand a thankful note from the beneficiary of his act nor an acknowledgement of his small grateful deed. Infact, it would hardly be noticed.

I was touched by the incident and afterwards every time I entered the lift I made it a point to direct the lift unconsciously.

We can bring in change if we each of us can touch at most one life. What we need is the will and some tinge of creative thinking.

(If you are still reading and are willing to put good to the society, I would urge to share any of your suggestions/ways in which we can bring change.)

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