Monday, July 25, 2005

Umeed se Dugna

Umeed se Dugna

Many of us have seen the latest KBC teaser, which has Abby Baby crooning in it. And most of us are impressed by the creativity and the execution of the Ad. KBC season 2 will soon go on air and will bring in more revenue for Star TV.

Coming to Star TV, we all know that it’s the number one channel in India and has an amazing fan following. But being a marketing student, my take on this point is different. Star TV is one of the finest marketing entities we currently have in our country. To prove my point, lets take an outsider view of the company.

Circa 1995: when the cable revolution has just started and Zee proving to be the unbeatable leader. Star had come up with many channels but none able to connect with the audience. Star World was too upmarket to be popular and at the same time star plus had immense identity crisis. Star plus started with English programmes but later on realized that Hindi is the national language.

Then comes the year of turn around. The year when star plus launched KBC and Kyunki (I guess its 1999 –00). These two programmes catapult star plus from a number3 to an undisputable number 1. KBC with its format and the charisma of Amitabh was an instant hit. While kyunki took its little time to establish, but then history takes time to be created. Also a new prime slot of 10:30 was invented by the soap. The idea of broadcasting the show at 10:30 would be suicidal, but it silenced all the critics with its success. The rest as they say is history. Kahani ghar ghar kii and soaps alike captured more and more viewer ship for the channel.

The focal point is the change in the marketing strategy. From being a directionless channel to a focused one. All the programmes directed towards a specific target group largely the typical Indian family household and the housewife’s for the afternoon shows (remember Star Doophar). Success begets success is an old maxim but still very true. With the newly acquired number one slot, the channel put in more efforts to capitalize. Shows like star parivaar awards and specials during holis and diwalis only meant, increased viewer ship and more revenues.

But if star is truly a marketing genius then why am I not hooked to star plus? This is the question, which was very well understood by the marketing team at star. They have segmented the market and offered channel for each and every segment. So they launched Star One. And it’s an instant hit among urban youth. Also the legendary soaps like friends and baywatch have positioned star world as an urban chic. But it does not stop here. They came up with star gold, which was to showcase old classics but then realized that the market is limited for such channels. So they turned it into a full-fledged movie channel. And ya, a very innovative channel by the name Star Utsav, where they were going to showcase those serial which have completed their run. I am not sure of how the channel is doing but the idea is commendable. Of course other channels such as Channel V, NatGeo, etc are doing their bit well.

But some credit of Star's success will go to number 2 and number 3 channel viz Sony and Zee. Sony plays the role of a challenger. A challenger constantly fighting it out to be the winner. And Zee being a lousy third is now trying to be innovative. It is because of these two that Star is always on its toes.

The fundamental point we can learn from the master marketer is the detailed attention given to the needs of the customers. Getting the pulse of the market and the underlying currents, which actually rule the market. And eventually delivering it flawlessly. Infact when it comes to Star, it always delivers more than expected (mark of a true marketer) by the consumers. Rightfully “Umeed Se Dugna”

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