Tuesday, May 31, 2005




A voice that calls to some of us

From somewhere deep inside,

A voice that will not give us peace,

Until at least we’ve tried

To catch that bright elusive star,

Though foolish it may seem

To those not driven as we are

To hold on to a dream.


It’s not just thoughts of fame or wealth

That keeps us hanging on

When others would have given up,

When all but hope is gone.

When sometimes even hope grows dim

And casts its faintest beam,

We wonder if it’s worth it all

To hold on to a dream.


And then that voice inside of us

That others cannot know

Tells us that our chance will come,

That we must not let go.

If we can only persevere someday our star will gleam!

And they’ll know why we had to try

To hold on to our dream.

1 comment:

Mihir said...

Montu...is whom I ve seen growing with me.... and many a times,this very montu,in his present form,makes me think...do I know him yet??
Your thoughts and works ve always made me think and also influenced me in a big way(for good)!!
I just feel one thing very strongly,you are waiting to be discovered...yes,You are so rich that if one understands you fully,one will think did I deserve to know him so well...!!! at least I do,my friend...!