Thursday, January 25, 2007

New Beauty in my Life

I have been longing for her for quite some time. And finally, after a long wait, she is mine. We got engaged on 23rd of Dec,2006 and finally got married on 25th Jan,2007.

Here's a pic of both of us together..............

But as she is more good looking than I am, it would be worthwhile to view her alone.


Sunday, January 21, 2007

Monday, January 01, 2007

Few Lines for the Year gone by and New

A year of Eternal Hope and Moments of Despair
A year of Elusive Luck and Unexpected Fortunes
A year of Grabbed Opportunities and Missed Chances
A year of Modest Victories and Infinite Defeats
A year of New Beginnings and Abrupt Endings
A year of Self Control and Indulgence
A year of Endeavor and Indolence
A year of Grand Celebrations and Quiet Affairs
A year of Love and the struggle to Understand it
A year of Ups and Downs
A year which was one Helluva Ride
A year so Mirroring Life!
A year which I wish I could Hold On to
But The Oracle spoke "Every Beginning Has an End"
So I bid 2006 a Hearty Good Bye.

Cause deep down I know,"Every End is a precursor to a New Beginning."
With Optimism of Tomorrow
With Freshness of a Spring Flower
With Patience of a Tortoise
With Enthusiasm of a Child
With Courage of a Thorn in the Dessert
With Persistence of a Wave against a Cliff

2007 Here I Come!!!!!!!!