Saturday, March 15, 2008

Attention: Virus Alert

A virus is spreading and how. Already 60 million of computers have been affected; albeit unknowingly!!!!!!!

PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL: I, a victim, am writing this message today, though they launched the virus almost a year back.

This virus spreads itself by luring the customer with its redesigned user interface and visual style. It promises of enhanced security and safety like never before. The virus is so advanced that it has segmented its customers and spreads in various editions keeping in mind the profile of its host. Indeed, it has "Long Horns" to kill your system. It inserts those sharp horns in to your system resources and render you at its mercy.The most common modus operandi of this virus is to ship itself with new computers!!!! The customer is unaware of the fact that he is buying an infected machine. While some vigilant customers are aware of this and refrain from buying new machines infected with this deadly virus, but there is little choice. That is the nexus this virus has built for itself.

And it doesn't stop here. if you think that the maximum damage this virus will do is to push you to format your hard disk and start all over again. Simple, isn't it?. But only if it was that simple. The virus will load again, disguising as the the most secured and advanced OS, and this time you will be installing it with your own mouse clicks.

That is when you realize "The Matrix" in which you are hopelessly stuck. You can get out of it, by degrading (in fact it would actually be upgrading) to previous versions or better, opting for others. But it takes some one like "The One" to get out of this illusion of the matrix. Many (which includes yours truly) still succumb to the baneful virus. Slowly, starting to live with the virus. Slowly, getting adapted to its vagaries which it brings along. Slowly, getting used to its sluggishness. Slowly, getting adjusted to its annoyance.

It's most likely that while you are reading this, the virus might be regaling in your system. Hogging on to precious resources such as RAM and CPU time. And if you have still not figured out the virus - its very much possible as you might be hopelessly hooked on it - it is popularly known as Vista.



(To give you some perspective, I have a laptop with vista home premium pre installed. The OS is nothing but flimsy. And did I tell you that I had to format my 250 gig loaded hdd recently because of some incompatible vista update downloaded automatically!!!!!!!!! )