Friday, May 26, 2006

The Second Partition of India.

The title may seem shocking but rest assured that with the final call on the reservations taken by the UPA government this has become inevitable.Infact why am I talking about the second partition, India has been divided many times over without we Indians realising that the we have been separated.

There is this famous saying that we have learnt two things from the English - Thank You and Sorry. But our beloved politicians have also adopted the most effective “Divide and Rule policy".

Am I now going to present facts and figures which point against reservations? The answer is No. Because reason is a feeble warrior when it come to irrational humans. I fail to understand how equality can be achieved by practicing inequality.

The most ridiculous part is that the guys who will get a seat on the basis of reservation and a chance to be at par with others will also get a reservation when it comes to corporate jobs!!!!!!!! Is this undermining the quality of the institutions from where the candidate will pass out? Not at all, cause these are the same institutions which have produced some of the India's finest brains. Then this surely undermines the potential of the candidate who even after passing out of a prestigious academic institution will need reservation for jobs.

So if reservation is the call of the day, then let’s have reservation on birth - out of every 100 child, let’s have 27 OBC, some 12-13 % SC/ST and so on. And why not reservation on deaths too. Sounds irrational, but can be doable by our honorable ministers.

The only point I would like to raise is that how this move for reservation will further divide the already fractured Indian society. And this could again throw us back to the times when castism was at its peak. Social Divide unlike Digital Divide can’t be bridge by economic measures.

So will this impending partition will be averted? Wishful thinking I must say.



Nirav said...


Nice that you started posting again.

Regarding your title itself, I think there's not much left of 'India' anyways, to be partitioned - Aamir Khan versus BJP (all Gujaratis?) for the Narmada dam, protestors of 'The Da Vinci Code', protestors of 'The Satanic Verses', protestors of 'Fire', protestors of the book of Shivaji.. the list is really long.

Regarding the whole issue of reservations for education - I have a different point of view, although I do not support the current formula. Take a look.

Lost in Thought,

Anonymous said...


Your thoughts are synchronous, to the thoughts of millions others, who are helpless and mute bystanders to such foolish policies of politicians.A revolution is called for,where every politician is hanged from the nearest pole available.Then only things are gonna change.But being a Indian,I know nothings going to change.We have become morally bankrupt.