Friday, June 30, 2006

Gain V/S Profit

I always understood that both these terms - Gain and Profit - mean the same. Infact to be honest, I have never thought if there is any difference between these two terms. But today have got a new perspective.

Reading my daily dose of news, I came across this interview of actor Kay Kay Menon.Here is what he said

"I believe in gain, not in profit
Profit is related to monetary and material growth. Gain is in kind, it’s beyond money. The film has helped me gain extra sensitivity and understanding. I am happy about looking good in the film too!"

Though here Kay Kay is talking with respect to his upcoming release – Corporate, I have come to understand the real difference between gain and profit.

It’s difficult to explain in detail but it’s very much like the difference between price and value. That’s the reason why we always "gain new skills and knowledge" and not "profit skills and knowledge !!!!!!!!!!!!!" And now I understand the deeper meaning in the old adage “No Pain, No Gain”.

Truly, we should look after maximum gain rather than maximum profit in all our dealings.


Nirav said...

Hmm... nice thoughts here.
Keep them going.

"There is no Spoon."

Anonymous said...

really a very good explanation