Monday, April 11, 2011

World Champions 2011: Playing for a Cause

I have always been hearing about the biggest day in Indian Cricket. The day in 1983 when we won the World Cup and how Indian Cricket changed forever. Stories have been passed down on how Kapil Dev single handedly scored 175 to secure a berth in the finals. Anecdotes about a spirited catch from Kapil in the finals uplifted the team morale and eventually lifted the World Cup. All this while, with each passing World Cup, I hoped to witness history and be the storyteller.

India Wins Cricket World Cup 2011 MomentsOn April 2nd,2011, I did witness history and what a glorious moment it was. A moment to be proud of and to be cherished all my life. Yes, we are the world champions!!! 2011 World Cup was special in more ways than one. Of course, it’s a world class tournament and more often than not the team which is skilled and mentally strong prevails. But the 2011 world cup was special for many reason – Firstly, It’s been 28 long years that we haven't won the cup and after the Indian team’s disastrous exit in 2007 aspirations and emotions were sky high that we get through this time. After all, there are some advantages of a billion plus population. Secondly,in all likelihood, this might be Sachin’s last world cup (though you never know, he is like an old wine, getting better with age ) and in his illustrious career it would be a gross aberration if he goes without a World Cup medal. And I think precisely for these reasons that we managed to get better off all the best teams in this world cup.

This reminds me of a hugely inspiring speech by Butch Jimenez titled “What’s better than?” where he elaborates the difference between a vision and a cause. While Lanka played for the World Cup, we played for a cause.

Lastly, I would request our president, Mrs. Pratibha Patil to put some good use of her term in office and confer the highest medal possible to the Indian team. After all a team which unites, brings joy and an undisputed sense of pride amongst 1.2 billion people who are otherwise treated with massive misgovernance and often denied of basic amenities, deserve it.



P.S: There has been lot of clamoring amongst our netas to shine in this reflected glory and announcing cash rich awards. If any one can please remind them that India is not ruled by kings anymore who used to declare monetary rewards on their whims and fancies.


Prashant Karkera said...

It took India winning the World Cup 2011 for you to write a post :)

Nice read.

Even I have been out of writing for a long time. Howz u been?

Neo said...

@PK - If a world cup win wont wake me up from my slumber and make me write an article, nothing would.

Hope it inspires you too.

Bhavesh said...

Dost V.....excellent blog. I wish u wud hv been here in Bombay on that day of WC Semi Final n Final......d whole city was dancing d whole night....Ganpati dance, koli dance, garaba dance n wat not....there was no rule that night but people just ruled on roads :)