Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Verdict:A Stable Governance

Being an ardent follower of Indian Politics, I know how much I have missed the heat of action sitting far away (and more so of first time missing my chance to exercise my power). But if I didn't reach political action this time, it surely got hold off me.  Declarations such as "First Dalit PM" or freak rumors of Amisha Patel contesting LS seat -  the great Indian political circus has never been more entertaining. With each and everyone, with  remote connection to Indian politics, harboring dreams of being the PM this elections were surely going to be a blockbuster.

With the results out now, it seems like the magician has pulled out a bear instead of the proverbial rabbit. Congress has not only surprised all others but also its own leaders. Never would have they imagined of getting in to absolute power. Though I am not a particular fan of congress and its (dynasty) policies but am much more relieved and happy at the prospect of having a stable government for the next five years. No more demanding allies. No more "not in the government but always in decision/policy making" parties. There is less clutter now and almost all unwanted noise in terms of smaller regional parties with their own selfish motives are wiped off. The Indian voter has definitely voted ,if not for anything else, for stability. And above everything else, am more happy that the Left didn't get it right. It's high time that they change their archaic communist views which have been disowned by their fellow commarades all across the world.

As far as BJP is concerned, am sad for them. But they need to learn from congress that the Indian media is out for sale and you need to be the highest bidder. Cause I fail to understand  how is BJP blamed squarely for 2002 and Congress has a clean chit on 1984. How is talking about majorities is termed being communal and appeasing minorities is termed secular? How is one person incidentally belonging to a particular family is easily projected as the next PM and then a whole world of lies about charisma and leadership is built around him. And this media favoritism is now more essential for the BJP at the time when Advani will no longer be the face of the party.

But the man of the moment, or should I say the king of the moment is Dr. Singh. Singh is King! and yes he is. But this time he has more to do. No excuses of being tied down by allies will work. No excuses of being accommodating on important cabinet berths will work. No excuses of being lax on reforms and slow on decision making will work. This nation gave you 5 years, and is giving you 5 more. Last time around you might be accidental PM but this time people have voted for you. And am sure no one will understand more than you about the great phrase "With great powers; comes great responsibility"


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Anonymous said...

Well said Neo. And I am also very happy that the people of India have voted for stability and not for the smaller chaotic parties. I think we now understand the difference of voting for the central government agains voting for the state assembly :)


Nav said...

hey...good to read a new piece after a long time... hope the frequency increases

and topics covered are not restricted to issues of national importance only:)