Sunday, September 23, 2007

Vision Twenty20? - Yes Y Not!!!

Honestly speaking posting, I was not a supporter of Twenty20, the new short format of cricket. It’s natural to have resistance to change. Probably, the “purist” in me was not ready to accept the change. When the game changed last time – from 5 day looong format to One Day – am sure there must be disbelievers. I can now feel their resistance then. But One Days are now as traditional as the Tests.

I started in to the Twenty20 World Cup Tournament as a disbeliever in the format. Mostly thinking, the game has unfairly tilted towards the batsman. But as the series have progressed, I have to admit that my views have changed. We had matches where bowlers have done a fine job and were instrumental in winning the match. The batsman is now under pressure to perform a feat of fours and sixes and a strike rate of 100 is just average. The bowlers tend to be at the receiving end in this blitz striking of ball but then even one dot ball turns the game.

Finally, it’s not about bowlers or batsmen as much as it is about the format. I have really warmed up to the format. The most appealing part of the format is the huge unpredictability which it comes with. Cricket, I think so, is one of the few sports which has historically involved in it a great deal of uncertainty – which is a trademark glory of Cricket. How many times we have heard commentators uttering trite words – “The game is not over till the last bowl is bowled”. Twenty20 has made the game extremely fickle, making it swing either ways and in the event makes it one of the most entertaining to watch.

More than the format, it was the need to innovate the game of cricket. Times are always changing and more importantly; change is the order of new time. Test Cricket, the purest and premier form of the game, is archaic. One-days too have lost their charm mainly because of a day long match, many times resulting in one sided contest. The boredom of sluggish middle overs was another major turnoff. With other sports offering an entertaining and short 3 hours to the very time strapped youngsters, Cricket needed a surgery to become trim and lean. After all, we are a “2-Minute” generation.

I have my frustrations too. But they are not on the format. I want to shout when India takes a wicket, pump up the volume and celebrate with the team; instead I am forced to face a disconnected ad which just makes me feel like making a ball of the telecaster and bash him with my bat. (I think so) The poor guy has his reason. The telecasters now have 40 overs to beam instead of 100. This is a perfect yorker on their ad sales and don’t want to miss the minutest minute to bombard you with ads.

Will Twenty20 become the order of the day by burying Fifty50? I won’t go against the Gods by predicting. Meanwhile, Cricket has become something which it never was - Fast, Exciting and Entertaining.



parin said...

you are liking this format coz india is doing well....had pakistan won the bowl out, you would change your views...and when was cricket not "Exiciting and Entertaining"....

Nirav said...

I agree wholeheartedly!!! I am a 'convert' myself.

But the whole matching fixing thing, and then Bob Woolmer's mysterious death and the subsequent cover-up has left me so disinterested with the game that I still could not get myself to watch the matches... just following the overall results to be aware of it, not really interested in it.

But yes, Twenty20 is much more exciting than Fifty50 because of every reason that Fifty50 is more exciting than 5-day Test matches.

Addict said...

viral, like u and millions world wide, i hated the format. i thot it killed it all.

i jus saw a helluva match....its not the victory that has brought me closer to the format but for me its cricket in the T1 world which grabs my attention

this victory will see a whole new indian team and a super cool and confident capitan

well done DHONI


(i am sad i cant celebrate it in this part of the world)

Gladiator said...

20-20 is a small thinkg compared to 50 overs.....though it scores high on if entertainment and money dictates in the future then 20 20 will over shadow 50 overs and in process bury a lot of classic players giving rise to only the afridis.

Though its a bit too early..."May Cricket rest in Peace"

Bhavesh said...

Its a much needed change in the game of cricket to attract youngters and specially womans. Also people from metro like mumbai who are tuned to do so many things fater and faster all the time, this speedy & guranteed entertainment version of cricket is sure to gain more audience in the future tournaments....

Having said all of these things there is no doubt in my mind that 50 Overs ODI and 5 day Test Matches will still be the best version of Cricket to watch......

Jolvin said...

The age of specialists will start soon. This is good for the world of cricket.