Saturday, September 15, 2007

Miss-ing You!!

Restaurants' yell "The food's here but where's the taste"
The beach squalls "The sand's here but names have erased"
New Beauty cries "I have lost my charm"
Hand mourns "There's none in my arm"
Cellphone squawks "I don’t ring much"
My friends say "Solitude is such"
24 Karat whines "I have lost my shine"
Methinks I have lost a part of mine
The winds which blow Westward
Your name, it seems, they have whispered
Sky's bright but am all blue
The least I say is "I Miss You"



Prashant Karkera said...

Gud that you are missing her...
Missing gets you more closer :)

Gladiator said...

Nice should start a poem blog

Neo said...

@PK - I think so..

@Gladiator - U must be joking...