Monday, October 16, 2006

Khosla ka Ghosla Review : Middle Class Humour is Back

(Credits to this post majorly go to Pinky Patel a.k.a Pinank)

It is so simple to be happy but it is very difficult to be simple. A famous quote from Hrishi-da's Bawaarchi, summaries my take on this down to earth, glamour less but very real and true to life film.

Star power, song and dance sequences, foreign locales are the core ingredients of today's Bollywood fare. KKG has none. Off lately, creativity has taken a back-seat. If songs were not enough, film-makers have now started 'remixing' old movies. Extremely hazardous, yet widely accepted, I just hope and pray that this trend vanishes soon. In such times comes an original (as far as my knowledge travels) light-hearted healthy comedy, tackling real life issues the reel way.

KKG reminds me of the simple 90s. It is about this middle-class north Indian family living in Dilli. The family is lead by a 'about to retire' father (Anupam Kher, suites his character to the T). A father to two sons (Ranvir Shorey and Parveen Dabbas) and a daughter, he (Anupam Kher) purchases a brand new plot in the elite South Delhi area and plans to live his post-retirement life in his new, soon to be build three storey apartment. The family is happy by themselves in some way or other apart from the fact that the MNC working son (PD) aspires to go to AMRRIKKA. I noticed one thing about Dilli in this film; it has agents for just about everything and anything under the sun. PD has an agent working for his Visa application and processing…!!!

Anyways let's get back to the story. One fine day the Khosla household finds un-wanted guests at their newly purchased, virgin plot. To their horror, the watchman claims that his master is the owner of the land. Khurana (Boman Irani) has his hands on the land. The Khosla's first try to check if it's a case of mistaken identity, then play the legal card but both the methods showed zero results. Khurana was hell-bent to sell the land which belonged to Khosla's to the Khosla's, that too at a discounted rate!!!

The typical middle class crisis is perfectly portrayed and you start living with the Khoslas.A good (read sarcastic) shot is attempted at all the avenues which a common man can try to get what is rightfully his. So after failing at all corners, does Khoslas revert to a high charged drama and drastic steps (read violence). The answer is a comforting No.Out of the box thinking save the day and manages to bluff Khurana at his own game.

The acting and situations do not make you feel cosmetic. I guess, certain sequences seem straight out of life. Like the one where Mr. Khosla asks for CHUTNEY while having his PIZZA. The conversation between Mr. Khosla and his friend on the railway bridge et all. Just perfect. The acting department on my side is lead by Ranvir, Anupam Kher and Boman Irani. There is no second and third place. Other actors have shown maturity and sensibility.

Ending Note: The reason why the review is being posted even after 3 weeks of the movies release is a reason enough to watch Khosla ka Ghosla.Movies and stories like this need encouragement and appreciation.


Anonymous said...

i watched this movie yesterday and i just love it , great effort great script and mind blowing acting by everybody specially ranvir .
i would prefer this movie over the junk like janeman and don on any given day , i think these big movie stars should learn acting from their leeser known counterparts like ranvir , boman et al

Anonymous said...

Very nicely made film, the performances have been brilliant!


shakri said...

Excellent movie! This sprang out of nowhere and entered my TOP 10 of ALL times! AWESOME movie. The humor is DEAD ON.

Lovely feature. Each scene is shot with such accuracy!

Being a BIG TIME Hrishi-da fan this kind of urban comedy is an excellent treat!

shakri said...

Here are my FAVORITE lines in the movie. Happens to be most of them are from Bunty. :D

1) Bunty: (reading a writing on the brick wall) "Yahaan pishaab karna mana hai....oye kamaal hai ji. Hum yahaan pishaab karne thode hi aaye hain?"

2) Bunty: "Ab ke waale ghar se south kahaan padega?"
Cherry: "Ab ke waale se bhi wahin padega."
Bunty: "Lo ji. Aise hi tees kilometer door jameen le li hai..."

3) Sudha: "Waise...yeh Yuvraj naam kaise rahega?"
Bunty: "Oh ji yeh cricketon waale naam safe nahin hote. Kal ko woh run banana band karega aur jootiyan isko padengi."

4) Insaan Singh: "Sa'ab aap nahaayenge?"
Khurana: "Yahaan paani ka shortage hai kya?"
Insaan Singh: "Nahin sa'ab"
Khurana: "Phir? Chal ab!"

5) Vijinder: "Arre auntyji..."
Bunty: "Oye aunty ko maar goli tu mere se baat kar. Us din to bade thain thain se note gin raha tha!"

(Both father and son are getting ready to drink)
Bunty: "Shuru karein ji?"
KK Khosla: "Arre yaar in cheezon ka maza dheere dheere lena chaahiye. Jaise kehte hain na "Hold the drink""
(Bunty holds the drink for a few seconds)
Bunty: "Ab shuru karein ji?"

karan said...

dude i thought i was the only one who got the crux of the movie..and understood the deep humor thats there..because some lines like--jaa bhayi dekh kahin ghar ke baahar to nahi khada--ohh ji kamaal hai baahar kyun khada hoga ji,hold the drink ..jab maataraani permission na de to meri kyaa majaal main zameen dekhu and many more ..i used to enjou,but my friends never understood what it was..and after reading such blogs it feels good..that there are still people what understand what the watch..and i loved munjaal and vijender too..