Monday, August 28, 2006

Immortal Hrishida - End of an Era

Yesterday my favorite director passed away. Veteran filmmaker Hrishikesh Mukherjee directed several memorable movies including Anand, Bawarchi,Golmaal, Chup ke Chup ke, Abhimaan, Anari….the list could go on. Better know as the common man’s director, his portrayal of a middle class family touched a million hearts.

Be it sensitive issues of male ego ( Abhimaan) to much lighter veins (Golmaal). In each and every movie, Hrishi da weaved stories in and around a middle income house and told them in a way which touched our hearts. Unlike many today’s film makers (read yash raj and karan johar kind), who
bring in lot of grandeur and gloss, Hrishi da’s movies were simple and down to earth. But the difference doesn’t end there. His movies have story. Today’s movies are big in scale and heavy on marketing but strongly lack content.

Here’s a tribute to the greatest film maker of all times.


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