Sunday, April 30, 2006

Nayi Dagar..Naya Safar Mera

Want to share the good news with ull, Infact "relieving" news.

I have put in my papers (" I always wanted to quit on Monday Morning").
And finally after lot of hardships, tomorrow is my last day at RI.

Now about by new journey.............
I am finally getting in to an IT firm. ITs into e-learning products.
Please Visit for more info....
I am joining their Pre sales and Marketing Group.

Hope ull to be my "Humsafar" in "Nayi Dagar..Naya Safar Mera"

PS : This blog will be no more an another Dead Blog. Will Update it regularly.

1 comment:

Nirav said...

Hey Neo,

So finally you updated your blog. Yes please, do keep it active.

Anderson, Thomas A.