Tuesday, July 22, 2008

An Open Letter to the Prime Minister

Dear Mr. Manmohan Singh,

I would like to congratulate on your victory today. Probably your biggest victory till date. I have no doubt on your morals. I still remember when you liberated India in 1991 and helped millions of us realize our dreams. 1947 freed us from mental and physical slavery, 1991 freed (and is still freeing) us from economic slavery. Your vision as the then finance minister has been helping us find the right status in the world order.

But what I doubt heavily is the party which you belong to. I am not ready to believe that the push by your party for N-Deal is just because its in the interest of our Nation. That would be not only foolish to believe but also suicidal. I am sure that most of your party men (infact all political partymen) are clueless about N-Deal. Relating N-Deal to as anti-Hindu or anti-Muslim is a proof enough that they are blind men trying to decipher an elephant. But the problem is not that they are blind, the problem is they are avaricious.

I am too small a person to comment on the benefits of N-Deal. But what I can do is put my trust on you and your vision in the midst of this greed bred politics. I hope when we look back years down the line, me and millions of our countrymen's trust wont be shaken. I hope that your victory today wont turn in to a Nation's defeat tomorrow.

And now that you have the mandate for the N-Deal, can you please divert your attention to soaring 12% inflation. Cause a person can do without power but not without food.



det-res said...

Only in time to come will we know the repercussions of this deal. Apart from the political agenda, there is the obvious good that we can expect. My fear is what was in the fine print and what have we missed. Knowing the bully we are dealing with, I hope Mr Singh knows what he is getting into.

Enjoyed reading your post.

Anonymous said...

Nicely written - and like I am too small to write about the pros and cons of the N-deal. But one thing I know a growing country not population wise but economy wise will face these pangs of soaring inflation.

Addict said...

Viral a well crafted after-thought. I must tell you you are breaking your own writing standards. I have been an ardent fan of your writing right from our college days and this is the nth time I m repeating myself.

I detest Congress. But Yesterdays verdict did not make any sad. I thot Dr.Singh had risked his govt for the deal. This N-Deal is more than beneficial to this nation who in the days to come shall face energy starvation. I think this deal mite be a solution to it. Good Governance scored over petty politics. Jai Hind

Neo said...

@det-res - the bully must be handled properly. nothin can go in fine print.thanks for dropping by..

@jolly - yup

@addict - thanks dude.

Hiren said...

When this guy became the PM I (like many) was glad and hopeful of a some educated political reign ... but sadly he too just became a mere puppet ...

Mihir said...

your fears are true but for once Manmohan Singh was the one who put his foot down to get this deal.I think he did it too late butr m glad that the leftists were shown their place..which is no place.Thats right.I think the CPM's of the orld will perish but before that happens they will create enough trouble for the more contemporary and broad minded,practical people like us and some of the people in the political parties.Heres to the demise of the intolerable "noise" from the left!! Its finally going right!!

Neo said...

@Hiren - sad but its the truth. our PM is nothin but a mere puppet. And that will be the case always as long as they have sonia gandhi has their head.

@mihir - lefts are living in 1900s. they are obsolete to no end. even the Russians and Chinese have changed their communist mindset to suit 21st century. but our leftists, they will stick to the textbook even after the school is shutdown.