Thursday, January 25, 2007

New Beauty in my Life

I have been longing for her for quite some time. And finally, after a long wait, she is mine. We got engaged on 23rd of Dec,2006 and finally got married on 25th Jan,2007.

Here's a pic of both of us together..............

But as she is more good looking than I am, it would be worthwhile to view her alone.



Aadhunuk Arjun said... mein mistake hain..yr 2006..and not 2005..

btw...nice post...congrats..

Neo said...

@ Arjun thnks. stands corrected

Gaizabonts said...

ah! finally saw it - no more mistaken identity! :P

jolly gabriel said...

you just missed getting beaten up, for getting married without notice... :) - may god bless the couple with safe journeys

Neo said...

@jolly & Giaza :O)

Bhavesh said...

Hey for the first time i am being Jealous of you. She is looking so smart, a real black beauty. I hope you will drive her smartly on the roads of the Mumbai.