Thursday, September 21, 2006

Dor: Music which will take your breath away

So, what’s playing in my Winamp nowadays? The obvious answer could be Himesh. But life is full of surprises and so is the answer. Dor, the new offering by Nagesh Kukunoor, has some brilliant music.

Going by the promos, the movie seems to be set in rural Rajasthan and the music also has a rustic feel to it. The main track - Yeh Honsla Kaise Khule, Yeh Arzoo Kaise Ruke, is a poetry (and not a song) written by the ink of inspiration. Mir Ali Husain who has penned the poem draws a picture of a fighter struggling in his battles of life. The songs finds its place among the list of inspiring songs like Yeh Safar Bahut hai Katheen from 1942 – A Love Story, Zindagi Har Safar Ek Nayi Jung Hai from Meri Jung or Ashayein from Iqbal.

Another song from the album which is worth its salt is Imaan Ka Asar. The lines go as
Jalti Dhoop Mein Halki Hava Chal Gayi….Mila Bharosa Yaar Ka….Jaan Phir Sambhal Gayi…. I need not say more. And unlike the previously song, which has a classical tone, this one has a western undertone running through it and makes a huge impression without being loud.

Both these songs are not catchy like the tunes of our rock star Himeshbhai, but they grow on you with time and will keep on playing in your mind long after you have switched off your iPod.

If you ask me, am really happy that the baton which was held by Gulzar and Javed Akhtar in recent times is safely been passed on to the likes of Prason Joshi, Mir Ali Hussain , Sayeed Quadri.

Do you have a taste for songs with meaning, a liking for quality lyrics and music which makes a mark subtlety then Dor is specially cut for you.



Pinank said...

U have reflected my views...Dor is a collectors edition kinda thing...Apart frm wat u hav mentioned,I also like 'Kesariya Balam' by Karsan Sagarthia..Great vocals,true Indian folk essence...Thumbs Up..

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post. Long time since good lyrics and good music have come together like this. Looking forward to more from the Husain-Salim-Sualaiman combo.